order: email_gun@yahoo.com

order: email_gun@yahoo.com

Lisomo is a new clothing line from Australia,
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1.Doraemon, who doesn't? Sunday 8am on RCTI..good anime to start a day... :D
2.Dr.Slump,arggh im so in love with this anime... love king nickochan XD
3.Time Quest, tekooo ajaaaib...hehe
4.Saint Seiya, ooohh god..my hero HYOGA..hahaa..diamond dust"debu2 intan"
5.Sailor Moon, yaa this one is my guilty pleasure, love it.. sailor venus is my fav
6.Dash Yongkuro, imagine that era when tamiya booming...XD missed that time..

a sweet collabs with my mate Sun Wahyu

will be print, but still not sure if i will add some colors or not..

bad hair day tees for oink,bandung

project for www.sciencewerk.com

Hey long time not posting any,
just wanna let u know I'm still alive :D
Curently been very busy coz i move to new place..
but I'll posting some of my artwork soon..


Summer Holiday
Rp 80.000
Male & Female

RP 80.000
Male & Female

Hey guys, i need ur help to vote "spreading love birds" on threadless.
spreading love birds - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever