My artworks selected as part of Crazy Stickers Book released by Cypi Press London incorporate with Newwebpick. Thanks to Dylan & Daniel who invited me :)

Size: 210mm×250mm
Pages: 256 pages
Illustrations: 450 illustrations

Buy! Buy! Buy! Stick it! Stick it! Stick it!

Hi..I just came back from Malaysia International Toy Fair 2010.
It was awesome...full of fun and turn out better than I expected.
Thanks for all who comes and support me there! Thanks for buying my stuff :)
84cube crew, danny sanjaya, saltpaper crew, cutout crew, etc..

Hi all,
I will be attending Malaysia International Toys Fair for this 24-25th July 2010.
Place: Mid Valley Exhibition and Convention Center Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
I will sharing booth with my friend Dhanny Sanjaya (DANOT)

Do drop by, buy something or just say hi to me if u come!

WOWMAGZ is an electronic/digital graphic design magazine that supports and the media for designers/creative communities around the world; especially in Indonesia to showcase their work of arts to the global public. Our first edition was released in May 2008 Showcasing the greatest Artwork in Vector, Vexel, Digital Photo Manipulation, Photography, Urban Art, illustration, Digital Painting and more.

Congratz for 2nd anniversary WOW Magz!

I've been invited by Tiger Translate to participate on their Ping Pong project. Total 6 layers which are collaboration between me (as representation of East artist) and Pat Perry (West Artist). After he finish one layer, then i added another layer until total 6 layers. Fun and exiciting to do something like this. :)

Detail of this project